Here are all the open positions in our communities.

The Camphill School

Glenmoore, PA

A boarding school community creating wholeness for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through Waldorf education and therapies on two campuses 45 minutes from Philadelphia.

Opportunity Start Date
Live-in Volunteer, Main Campus Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Transition Program Ongoing Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy August 31 2020 Apply  

A unique village community of 250 people, some with developmental differences, sharing a full life together, caring for the earth and working as volunteers for the renewal of social, economic and cultural life.

Opportunity Start Date
House and Workplace Leaders July 1 2021 Apply  
Live-in Volunteer November 15 2020 Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy September 1 2021 Apply  

Camphill Village Minnesota

Sauk Centre, MN

Camphill Village Minnesota is home to 45 people, including adults with developmental disabilities, whose lives are woven into the rhythms of nature found on 525 acres of rolling hills, sparkling waterways, and prairies.

Opportunity Start Date
Farm Leader Ongoing Apply  
House Leader Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer May 1 2021 Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Gardeners March 1 2021 Apply  

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is an agricultural and handcrafting community 45 minutes outside Philadelphia where 110 people, including adults with developmental disabilities, engage each other's unique abilities.

Opportunity Start Date
House Leader (Homemaker) Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Dairy Apprentice Ongoing Apply  
Live-in-Volunteer Ongoing Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy September 20 2021 Apply  

Triform supports young adults with special needs on their paths to greater independence through educational, vocational, social and life skills training programs in a nurturing community two hours from New York City.

Opportunity Start Date
Dairy Farmer (Live-In Position) Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer (Open to All Applicants) January 3 2021 Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy Ongoing Apply  

Heartbeet Lifesharing

Hardwick, VT

Heartbeet is a vibrant lifesharing community of 50 people that includes adults with developmental disabilities and interweaves the social and agricultural realms for the healing and renewing of our society and the earth. 

Opportunity Start Date
Farm Apprentice January 1 2021 Apply  
Volunteer Coworker January 1 2021 Apply  

Camphill Communities California, an intentional community of 50 people, including adults with developmental disabilities, is located on six acres of gardens, orchards, and trails in the beautiful Monterey Bay area.

Opportunity Start Date
Live-in Volunteer Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Fall/Winter Ongoing Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy October 1 2020 Apply  

Camphill Hudson

Hudson, NY

Camphill Hudson brings Camphill into the world by fostering community building with people of all abilities and backgrounds in the city of Hudson through the arts, nurturing food, giving back, and having fun together.

Opportunity Start Date
Coworker (Open to All Female Applicants) Ongoing Apply  

Camphill Ghent

Chatham, NY

Camphill Ghent is a vibrant residential community for elders that offers a meaningful quality of life and a rich, active social program designed to support residents in maintaining their independence and joy of living.

Opportunity Start Date
Live-in volunteer, elder care Ongoing Apply  
Live-in volunteer, elder care (short-term) Ongoing Apply  

Plowshare Farm

Greenfield, NH

At Plowshare, 50 people with a wide range of capabilities live and work side by side to build a caring, inclusive, and sustainable community that forges opportunities for each member to reach for their full potential.

Opportunity Start Date
Live-in Coworker, Household Member Ongoing Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Year of Service Ongoing Apply  
Student, Camphill Academy January 3 2021 Apply  

Glenora Farm

Duncan, BC

Glenora Farm creates an environment of creative and personal fulfilment where those who are in need of special care, and those who provide it, relate to each other as companions, rather than as professionals and clients.  Located on Vancouver Island, our 100-acre biodynamic farm with 4 care homes is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Our day program provides both indoor and outdoor workshop opportunities for short term volunteers as well as both residential and non-residential companions with developmental challenges.  We are a resourceful, hard working, creative and fun community and are looking for both short term and long term volunteers to join us as caregivers, workshop leaders, artistic activity leaders, and house coordinators.  

Opportunity Start Date
House coordinator(s) October 1 2020 Apply  
Live-in Volunteer, Short-term Ongoing Apply