Stories from around the Camphill international community

Nourishing the Land and People: Growing at Plowshare Farm

January 22nd, 2020

At Plowshare Farm in Greenfield, each one of the residents strives to ask themselves, “Who am I, and who am I striving to be?” With that central question, every single person there not only seeks to propel their own growth, but to likewise see how they can assist their fellow…

Renewing the Heartland: Changing the way we see the midwest

December 19th, 2019
by Emma Ryan, volunteer in Camphill Village Minnesota Most of us have experienced “heartbreak” on some level.  We know that when the heart is not well, it affects the wellbeing of the rest of our body - we cannot eat, sleep, often even move.  The heart is more than a…

Caring For Our Trees: Fostering sustainable forestry on Glenora Farm

December 05th, 2019
by Markus Heinz of Glenora Farm, BC Canada “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -ancient Greek proverb Here on the West Coast, the forest is everywhere around us and within us. West of the coastal mountain ranges, it’s…

Scotland to Vancouver Island: A volunteer reflection from Glenora Farm

December 10th, 2019
written by Glenora Farm volunteer Hannah Munro and featured in the Valley Voice in 2017 In January of this year, I boarded a plane from Aberdeen, Scotland headed for Vancouver Island. With a two-year open work permit to Canada and next-to-no plan, I was excited, and a little bit daunted.…

Colombia to New England – A volunteer reflects on a year at Heartbeet

December 09th, 2019

“I wanted to come to Heartbeet to help people, grow as a person and learn how to work in a community. I feel that all my wishes were fulfilled and I got even more than I expected.”

To Learn to Live: My personal unfolding from a year at Beaver Run

December 05th, 2019
By Benedikt Meßer, Coworker Alumnus ‘19 You are coming back from an exciting trip to New York City. You have seen more different people in an hour than you have seen in a month, rushing up and down the avenues. Honking cars, flashing lights, and billboards swarm in your head.…

The Kimberton Hills Gardeners On Why Growing in Community is Better

November 03rd, 2019
Erin, Eliza, and Jasper do not run a typical CSA. They co-manage a biodynamic garden that is truly supported by a community. Sankanac CSA(link is external) is nestled in an intentional community that is home to 120 people, including adults who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. Community members live together in the…