The Camphill School

The Camphill School creates wholeness for children and youth with intellectual disabilities through education and therapy.


Creating wholeness for children and youth

The Camphill School’s mission is to create wholeness for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities through education and therapy in extended family living so that they may be better understood and their disabilities moderated, that they may more fully unfold their potential, and that they more fully and meaningfully participate in life.

A Living Education

The Camphill School is the only Waldorf school in North America that exclusively serves children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and it includes kindergarten through twelfth grade at the Children’s Village at Beaver Run and the Transition Program at Beaver Farm. Both campuses are in the beautiful rural countryside of northern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Meadowsweet, the Waldorf Kindergarten, is an integrated program composed of ten to twelve children, including children with special needs. The small group size and nurturing setting provide a socially and emotionally rich environment for learning.

The adapted Waldorf curriculum in the first through the twelfth grade presents traditional scholastic subjects, both academically and experientially, stimulating young minds and nurturing healthy emotional development. Their wide range of educational programming is designed to enhance and maximize every child’s potential. In addition to age-appropriate class assignments, small group and individualized instruction addresses each child’s needs and abilities.

The Transition Program is situated ten miles away from the main campus on a biodynamic/organic farm bordering French Creek. As well as offering vocational crews in artisan crafts, land work, cooking and food processing, continued academic support is an integral part of the Transition Program. Their goal is to help students reach their maximum potential so that they may acquire more independence and maturity as they strive towards a meaningful adult life.

Therapies also play an integral role, and as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, many other therapies are offered such as: massage, therapeutic baths, horseback riding, art and music therapy, together with anthroposophical therapies such as therapeutic eurythmy and colored shadow display.